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How we Collect your Information

We here at do not collect or hold any personal details from you, we do not drop any cookies on your pc. However you should assume that the lenders on our site that we refer you to do collect your personal details when you visit their website and apply for a loan online. Each lender collects you details by dropping cookies onto your pc to help them track their progress and to better serve you with the information they collect. For more information on how they collect and manage your personal details you should read the different privacy policy on each of the lenders website before you apply for a loan.


You should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for the different lenders mentioned on this site that aim to provide you the loans. As such the owner of this site may receive compensation or commission when you apply for a loan on the referred lender’s website. The commission received could be for a lead that was referred by or in some instances only when your loan has been fully approved.

Although we promote the amount that each lender would be willing to lend up to, the amount you will be able to borrow, if at all may vary depending on your own personal financial circumstances. The decision and the amount you receive is decided by each lender’s assessment team. do not decide whether you are able to obtain the loan and to what amount. That decision rest solely on each lender’s assessment criteria.